Merina’s travel to Marina

Be it  Merina Or Marina, you need to explore and enjoy everything thing associated  with It. Chennai To Mumbai, it is A Long Way To Reach And Enjoy Bus Booking And Boarding Experience, in Mumbai !with Merina

When you begin to think about Marina ,  It is one of the biggest beaches In the world .Second  longest of this kind, extending to a length Of 13 Km from St George Fort to Mahabalipuram ,Credit for the conversion of this beach to a tourist spot goes to Governor Mount Stuart Elphinstan Grant Duff During 1880s, an then conceived and built the Promenade along the Beach In 1884, by extensively modifying and layering with soft sand. He also christened it as  Madras Marina In the same year (Earlier Known As South Beach Road ,Later Renamed   Kamaraj Salai) .

Marina Has A Strong Character Who Is Deeply Humane And Altruistic, As Well As Acutely Sensitive And Extraordinarily Intuitive. These Elevated Vibrations Drive Her To Advocate A Better World And Help The Most Underprivileged Souls On This Planet.

Merina Tours &Travels  In Mumbai  Is Trying To Do That Little extra, which you always want

When fort St. George was built in 1640, the sea was too close to the fort. The building of the harbour near the Fort resulted in sand accretion to the south of the Fort and the Harbour and the Sea, which was washing the ramparts of the Fort. Moved a far at about 2.5 Km away from the Fort creating a wide Beach between the land and the Sea.     After enjoying the breath taking Sunrise Or Sunset and a slow relaxed walk, it is rest assured ,you will filled with the waves and the winds of rejuvenation that will take hold of your  senses .

Swimming and bathing is prohibited due to strong under current turbulent and chaos. As is always there In all the beaches it is also having South Indian snacks, with a speciality  Murukku And Sundal. The countries first  Aquarium at the beach is having a lots of fresh water Fish and Sea Specialities to make this  a Chance to familiarize  our South’s traditional  Aquatic life

A great time to enjoy the beach is from Nov to Feb, when temperature is moderate with cold breeze and amble shade of rest. This is a pure sandy beach crowded all throughout the year by local people, weekend and holidays by tourists.

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