How to survive a Sahara

Survival is just a state of mind, this is not just only for Sahara, it can be anywhere anytime, you there.

Sahara is not the biggest desert in the world, Antarctic is the largest in the world. Desert is not a picture of sea and sand, nor with plants in it. Only 20% of desert is covered with sand, the remaining has pebbles, bed rock, desert soil and oasis. One third of earth is desert. The hottest of all is the SAHARA. China has a low level desert Turpan depression 500 feet (150 m) below the sea level and high level desert which is Quaidam (8500 feet) above sea level.

Be ready for extreme weather conditions. In the night it will be really cold. Carry a fire igniter, binocular to watch birds or plants. . Take a reserve of water where ever it is available don’t drink too much, it will increase the thirst. Look for the birds, and follow they know exactly the water source. Cactus plant has water in it, but use carefully, it is dangerous too  

Don’t PANIC, control your mind and work in an organised manner. There is no other way, unless a jet comes and picks you

Accept the situation don’t blame, consider the options available. Take stock of items in hand, reserves and kits. Decide on a plan on option to ensure health and safety. Survival is much more mental than physical. Never give up the hope to survive, remember the need to survive. Women always have the physical advantage in a high stress situation, keep them along.

Any given situation, prayer is the best weapon you can carry. Amidst suffering he will comfort you. All things you get there is sent by him. You will get the deeper meaning of why you are left alone. Keep this the perfect time to know him better,

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